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Specialty Compounding Technologies We Offer

At Marval Industries, we are entirely committed to providing our customers with the best possible coloring and additive solutions for all their thermoplastic needs. We implement a vast array of technologies to best serve the vastly different needs of each client. You can count on our team even for the most challenging of application requirements. The technologies we offer allow us to provide each of our clients:

Specialty Compounding

Vibrant and lasting colors that match a company’s visions- We have an extensive database of thousands of colors, but we also can match exact colors outside that database. We even work with white and transparent masterbatch.

Conductive properties that cannot be found in other types of plastic- We offer specialty compounding because we recognize that each client requires more than just simple coloring. Through this product method, we provide compounds for electrostatic discharge and anti-static properties. Call our team for the best specialty compounding NY has.

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) offers a rubber-like performance that maintains the benefits of a thermoplastic resin- We design compounds to meet your company’s exact specifications.

Wear resistance can be incorporated into internal lubricants for the reduction of wear and friction- Ultimately, this will lengthen the service of applications while also dropping production costs.

Structure reinforcements are possible through specialty compounding and masterbatching- We have the technology to ubiquitously disperse resins and additives that significantly increase strength and stiffness, while also providing resistance to fatigue, impact, and creep. We customize our formulas to meet the demands of cost and performance.

Specialty Compounding:

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We are committed to providing compounds, colorants, resins of exceptional quality to the plastic industry, and specialty compounding.