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Marval Industries is committed to providing sustainable solutions for the plastic industry. Today, more than ever, manufacturers are looking for alternatives to traditional plastics. These eco-friendly resins include upcycling with regrind, biodegradables, or using developed materials like Bioplastic. Consumer trends are evolving and the demand for these materials are increasing like never before. Marval Industries is proud to be on the forefront in offering several Eco-friendly materials to suit our customers’ needs and applications.


Hemp Plastics are a renewable, sustainable and cost-effective alternative for customers looking for an eco-friendly alternative to virgin fossil-fuel derived resin.

We are now offering four primary hemp bioplastic alternatives:

  • HempPLA

  • HempEthylene

  • HempABS

  • HempPropylene


These resins have been designed as drop-in replacements for virgin resins and are suitable for many manufacturing processes including injection mold and extrusion applications. Hemp plastics offer a solution for two industries. The manufacturer who needs an environmentally improved solution to using 100% virgin plastic, and the burgeoning industrial hemp market which is creating an excess of hemp biomass waste. Hemp plastic recycles hemp biowaste as a filler, reducing the use of virgin plastic by 25% and waste otherwise headed to landfills or incineration. These materials can be designed and manufactured to meet specific business needs, for more information contact us today.

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We are committed to providing compounds, colorants, resins of exceptional quality to the plastic industry, and specialty compounding.