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Specialty Compounding and Shifting Effects

Shoppers are not just looking for products that work; they are also searching for aesthetically pleasing items. When creating plastic products, engineers have almost endless possibilities for design options. Specialty compounding plastic creates unique, beautiful, and effective products that consumers are attracted too.

Specialty Compounding

Specialty compounding frequently used to add shifting effects to plastic. Engineers have several options to choose from, which include:
Glow-in-the-dark: light is absorbed by phosphorescent pigments, which is then slowly emitted over time. Zinc sulfide-based goods are typically the most economical, but they offer limited phosphorescence. Strontium oxide aluminate products provide the best performance, meaning a strong and long-lasting glow.

Thermochromic: changing temperatures alters the hue for these plastic parts. A piece can look dark blue when cold and turn another color when heated. Our team can make formulations that are keyed to specific ranges. Keep in mind that the effects are limited to the amount of modulus resins.

Photochromatic: plastic can change color when exposed to UV rays. For instance, a deep blue translucent part can turn red and even green. This effect only works with low modulus resins.

Chroma-Shift: this method of specialty compounding involves combining highly reflective colorants and traditional colorants. They are then used to produce a beautiful and dynamic color range that changes depending on viewing angle. It also adds a shimmering effect.

Specialty Compounding

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