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Understanding Specialty Compounding and Functional Effect

Our team is happy to offer a wide range of specialty compounding service for different needs and applications. Our abilities, as plastic resin suppliers, allows us to meet the demanding needs of each of our clients, regardless of their application. If you need any more info, do not hesitate to reach out for the best plastic resin suppliers you can find. We offer many types of specialty compounding for aesthetic effects, like edge glow, sparkle mist, or iridescent. We also provide our clients with practical effects.

Specialty Compounding

The four most commonly used functional effects we make are:

Light reflective plastic has highly reflective particles suspended inside transparent resins. This endows plastic with unique characteristics that reflect light while intensifying the appearance of the surface material. Light is still able to pass through materials.

Light diffusion technology creates a smooth, frosted look that is ideally used for hiding internal components while still allowing for light to be transmitted through the part.

Infrared thermoplastic compounds are designed to either be opaque or transparent at specific wavelengths
Origins of parts can be traced using different chemicals and microscopic color-coded wafers inside of thermoplastic compounding. We can offer security through specialty compounding.

Specialty Compounding

The above list is a small portion of the compounding services we proudly offer. For more information on how to make your dream design come to life, you should give our team a call today!


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