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Specialty Compounding and Material Effects

Plastic is commonly used in manufacturing because of all the benefits that it offers. It is lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and reliable.  Although it has many benefits, sometimes people are turned off by the plastic look. Specialty compounding can change the look of traditional plastic and make it look like a different material. With our specialty compounding service, we can give you material effects like:

Wood grain: we can create a wide array of patterns that have a natural wood grain look. We commonly make oak, mahogany, pine, and more. This is done by using special molding techniques and selected pigments.

Stone/Marble/Granite: creating the look and feel of natural stones makes final products more aesthetically pleasing for many people. Stone finishes give final products a look of class.

Camouflage: traditionally, hunters and the military relied on printed fabric for camouflage. We have re-created desired effects that are incorporated into our specialty compounding.

Tortoiseshell:this is considered a variegated effect that is made in natural hues (gold, amber, brown). The swirling design evokes thoughts of the sea and sea life.

Low gloss:  it is possible to increase the perceived values of parts by lowering the gloss of shiny and bright plastics.

Specialty Compounding

For more information on our specialty compounding services, you should reach out to us today. We offer the best specialty compounding NYC has.

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