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Sometimes customers find themselves in the position of having specific material they need processed but are unable to due to a lack of certain equipment and/or knowledge.

There are many advantages to Toll Processing:

  • No capital investment or depreciation
  • No extended lead times for equipment delivery and installations
  • No detailed engineering requirements
  • No floor space required
  • No spare parts required
  • No additional personnel required
  • No new permits required to meet regulations
  • Predictable costs
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Working with a trusted team of professionals.

Toll Processing with Marval allows customers the ability to have compounded material without a large capital investment. This is especially advantageous during a product-development phase, particularly when the end-market demand is uncertain.

With over 60 years of business, Marval has the experience, equipment, and knowledge to process a wide variety of materials, under numerous conditions. Toll processing can be arranged for both trial runs and commercial production.

Customers can be assured that the job doesn’t stop when our equipment does. The added benefit of Toll Processing with Marval is that we can offer valuable information to troubleshoot any processing issues the customer may experience on their end after the job has long been finished.

Marval Industries, Inc. can provide these Toll Processing services.

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