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Specialty Compounding Common Appearance Effects

Specialty compounding is commonly used because of all the added benefits it offers designers. Plastic has many desirable characteristics, but with specialty compounding, final plastic parts have added benefits. We offer a full line of specialty compounding including a wide array of appearance effects.

Specialty Compounding

Some of the most commonly used appearance effects we work with include:

Edge glow effects are considered light-collecting fluorescent colorants that come in transparent or near clear polymers that are known to produce a bright light emission on the edges of molded parts. We offer several color options. Orange-yellow-red colors are the most popular.

Transparent specialty compounding allows for plastic to be see through but still maintain beautiful colors. This is needed to identify parts inside the plastic housing.

Sparkle mist is a glass encapsulated pearlescent particle, and it adds dramatic sparkle effects to plastic.

Fluorescent plastic is brightly colored. Final products demand attention because of the eye-catching colors.

Iridescent plastic offers richness and soft shades of intense colors. It provides a milky-appearing compound that looks different when viewed at different angles. Call us today because we are plastic resin suppliers.
Metallic shine on plastic can increase its aesthetic value. Plastic parts that use this type of compounding look and feel like metal. They can be polished steel or brushed aluminum.

Specialty Compounding

Call us today for a list of all the compounding and masterbatch services we offer our clients. We look forward to hearing from you.


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