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Custom Color Masterbatching

Being able to color plastic parts enhances aesthetic properties, which will hopefully lead to increased sales. We also can help color for easy coding in industrial devices. As a means to get our customers beautiful color masterbatch, we use different materials, techniques, and tools to construct parts. We use the best technologies available to us for pigmentation, carriers, and processing. When working with us, we individually optimize our formulations to allow for maximum performance with resins and let-down ratio (extrusion or injection molding).

Our team is fully trained and has access to the tools necessary for getting you the colors you need. Give our plastic resin suppliers a call to discuss your options. Common questions we ask to help you get the color you need include:

  1. What is the end use or application of the product being made?
  2. How thick will the part being made be?
  3. What is your ideal supply method?
  4. Do you want full opacity?
  5. What regulatory compliance must your part meet?
  6. Do you need any additional properties, specialty compounding?
  7. What texture do you want the plastic to have?

The questions above can help to get a color conversation started. Give us a call, and let our team help you do beautiful color masterbatching.

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