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Using Color Concentrates

Using color concentrates allows companies and individuals to give long-lasting, vibrant colors to plastic. The natural color of different plastic polymers can be bland and boring, which can lower desirability of a plastic product. If you are looking to create and sell plastic products, the color of the final product is extremely important. There are other ways to color plastic but these methods are not as durable as color compounding.

Although color compounding is the preferred method of coloring plastic, it is not a simple process. That is why it is best to find and trust professional companies who have the experience, equipment, and knowledge. Considering the amount of colored plastic seen on a daily basis, it is easy to assume that the coloring process is simple and quick. First, the chemical make up of the base resin must be considered, as well as the resin's ability to reach the suitable color(s) desired. Stress and temperature thresholds must be tested and established, so that the final products are durable and strong.

Professional masterbatch companies run different tests, so that they can give each individual an accurate assessment as to which colors can be used for the products they are creating.

After consulting with a professional company, and a colorant system has been created, the next thing to consider is the molding process of the material. There are two choices that your have when it comes to molding.

1) Fully compounded materials. This means that the color has be added uniformly with the raw materials. The plastic is molded with colors built it.

2) Adding color concentrates to base resins. For this molding, the color is added directly before molding the part.

Not only do color concentrates look good and last for extended periods of time, but also they are economically smart. The process makes small batch runs easier to accomplish which drives down prices. The process can also operate at high capacities, which means that they can mass-produce products/parts with ease.

Adding color to your plastic parts could be the difference between making sales and going out of business. Statistics show that people are drawn into and value products that look as good as they function. Speaking with a professional masterbatch company will allow you to get the best, most vibrant colors possible. The process of using color concentrates is not easy; don't make any decisions without speaking with trained professionals.

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