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Transparent Color Masterbatch

Creating uniquely colored plastic is important for businesses to thrive in a competitive market. Being able to make products that standout can be the difference between making it or failing in such a market. Plastic that is colored and transparent is a great way to keep a product lively, while also showcasing the insides of the product. Transparent masterbatch looks especially good when combined with products with intricate insides (electronic circuits, tubing systems, or cables).

Inorganic transparent powders that are combined with polyolefine-based additives create beautiful transparent filler masterbatch. The filler adds extra stiffness and transparency to the final color product. The process also enhances tensile strength, rigidity, and heat distortion. Transparent masterbatch not only looks good, but it is practical for wide usage in industrial and commercial industries.

If transparent colors are not your things, there are many other options to consider when creating colored plastics. Some of the most popular special effects for plastics are:

  • Fluorescent masterbatch
  • Pearlescent masterbatch
  • Metallic masterbatch
  • Glow in the dark masterbatch
  • Marble and granite masterbatch

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