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Making Color Concentrates Work for You

Plastic and metal differ in their ability to take on color. Whenever a person sees colored metal, it is the result of the metal being painted. This gives businesses the ability to create beautiful aesthetics on metal, but there are problems with those colors. Metal can chip, and when it does the original color of the metal shows. This can be displeasing to the eye, and there is little to nothing a person can do. A good example is a scratched car.

Plastic differs from metal in that colors are built into the plastic product. As plastic is being created and molded, colorants/polymers are added to the mixture. This allows for plastics to be created in a wide range of different colors. It might seem as if the process of creating color in plastics is easy but that is not the case.
There is a good deal to consider when using color masterbatch. This includes chemical compatibility with base resins, as well as color matching systems. When creating the plastic products, extreme temperatures are used, so the plastics and colors must be able to withstand temperature changes and stress.

Trusting professional color compounding companies can make the process of creating beautifully colored plastic simple and inexpensive. Consider using plastic as opposed to metal for designed products. The way in which a product looks is just as important as how it feels. Plastic products can take on vibrant colors that can last a lifetime. Let color compounding work for you and your business.

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