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Specialty Compounding

“Our company’s wide variety of plastics-based products relies heavily on consistent quality masterbatches that never vary in excellence from one order to the next. When our former plastic resin supplier had begun to ‘drop the ball’ on masterbatch quality, we became quite concerned about irreparable harm to our exceptional, successful, and hard-fought for brand. A friend in the industry told us about a color compounding company (yours) that had a years-long reputation for masterbatches that truly were second to none, as well as a long list of satisfied customers who had used your company’s excellent services for years. Well, we’re delighted that we decided to add our name to your list of customers who couldn’t possibly ask for more when it comes to specialty compounding services that are not only consistently outstanding, but affordable, too. Again, what more could anyone ask for in masterbatches from a company that leads the industry. Thank you”!

“It’s good to know that there are still companies such as yours, a company that provides our company with color compounding and masterbatch services that beat all the others we’ve tried over the years by a ‘country mile’. As we all know, color compounding is an art and science, both of which your company has clearly mastered as evidenced by the ‘always’ superior quality of masterbatches that never disappoint. We are exceptionally grateful for a company (in this day and age of mediocrity) that produces the industry’s very best color compounding services that result in masterbatch quality the likes of which we hadn’t seen prior to the discovery of your fine company. Because our company makes such a wide variety of products that demand expert plastics compounding, we feel very fortunate to be in the good and expert hands of the people at your company who create masterbatches that do our products proud. Congratulations on a job expertly done”!

“Our company isn’t in the habit of sending ‘thank you’ notes to other companies simply because they do what is expected of them. In your case, however, we’re making a rare exception to show our gratitude for your company’s color compounding and masterbatch services that truly are ‘second to none’. Prior to using your masterbatches, we had encountered numerous and recurring color compounding deficiencies from more than a few companies that advertised ‘superior quality color compounding’ or ‘unmatched masterbatch services’, etc. Well, long story short, these companies couldn’t begin to live up their own hype, but we had to learn each lesson the hard way. Now that we’ve discovered your company’s ‘truly’ superior masterbatches, we’ll never turn anywhere else for the services that are vital to our company’s success. Once again, a thank you note from us is rare, so we’ll simply say ‘keep up the good work”!

“When a friend of ours in the industry told us about your company’s outstanding color compounding services and masterbatches that never varied in quality, we were in something of a quandary. Should we abandon the color compounding and masterbatches from a company we had used for years, a company that seemed to let quality control fall by the wayside on ‘some’ orders, but not ‘all’? Our friend was quite insistent about your color compounding services that, according to him, never varied one iota, which meant masterbatches any company could rely on for true ‘peace of mind’ masterbatch quality for a surprisingly (and this was a bonus) low price. We finally took our friend’s advice (as you know), and we’ve now been far more than pleased with your exceptional services that really are the best we’ve ever seen. Thanks to all of you from all of us”!

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We are committed to providing compounds, colorants, resins of exceptional quality to the plastic industry, and specialty compounding.