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Specialty Compounding for your Company

Traditional plastic serves many purposes, but as a result of its chemical composition it is held back from its true potential. Specialty compounding companies in NY are able to use specific resins and additives to create plastic products that have special properties. Businesses can benefit from this through being able to sell stronger, more practical, and more creative products.

Based on the specific resin and additives, compounding allows plastic to be unique. For companies who sell fire safety products, they will want their products to be flame-retardant. Through specialty compounding, creating flame-retardant plastic is possible. The products can even be colored, which allows for the final product to be practical and visually pleasing.

For companies making children’s toys, you may want to consider glow-in-the-dark compounding. Not only that, but you will want to consider strengthening the plastic to withstand the abuse and strain a child can put on their toys.

When compounding is mixed with color masterbatching, it is possible to create final products that have distinct and unique colors. With the help of computers, it is possible to match exact colors.

Specialty Compounding

Consider specialty compounding for your company and your products. If you are unsure about the possibilities, please give us a call today so that we can further discuss how this process can work for you and your company.


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