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Specialty Compounding and Antimicrobial Masterbatch Solutions

Microbe growth on plastic caused discoloration, polymer degradation, and unpleasant odors. This happens on untreated pieces of plastic. We offer high-quality antimicrobial solutions for plastic parts. Specialty compounding adds antimicrobial additives that are incorporated into the production process—specialty compounding or masterbatch. Adding these additives during the production phase makes the properties even throughout the entire plastic part. Our antimicrobial solutions are effective against:

Color Compounding

  • Algae
  • Yeast
  • Mold fungi
  • Mildew fungi
  • Other microbes

We use multiple antimicrobial technologies that are compatible with thermoplastic resins. For instance, we use silver-based antimicrobials because silver is a robust biostatic agent. When it is contacted by moisture, electrochemical reactions create silver ions.  The ions can penetrate microbes that render them unable to grow, reproduce, and function.
Many plastic parts and products need strong antimicrobial specialty compounding. Without it, they would not work well, break easily, or not be safe to use. We commonly use specialty compounding like this to help make

  • FDA approved medical devices
  • Food handling and processing equipment
  • Transportation interiors
  • Machines for business and consumer appliance
  • Household goods
  • Sporting equipment

Specialty Compounding

We will help you develop custom specialty compounding for antimicrobial solutions and more. We offer a wide range of master batch and specialty compounding options. For the best specialty compounding NY has, you should make us your first phone call.

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