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Solutions with Specialty Compounding

Solutions with Specialty Compounding

We can help with your custom-tailored solutions for your next project. We understand the field of specialty compounding can be confusing, and so our team will design solutions based on performance and appearance. We help with:

Specialty Compounding

Color management: Aesthetics are usually crucial for customers. Marketing experts even claim that color can energize, inspire, and build brand recognition. For some, creating pleasing color schemes can be the difference between success and failure. Our specialty compounding offers our clients unique colors, color matching, and special effects.

Compliant with regulations: Some industries (i.e., military/medical) regulate the materials being used for products, tools, and devices. Plastic used in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry must be able to withstand sterilization processes. We can help you with your healthcare and military grade needs.

Conductive materials: in the modern technological world, proper dissipation of static chargers is necessary to protect against ESD (electrostatic discharge). Our specialty compounding solutions create the correct degree of conductivity required for your application.

Fire retardant: Global regulations require that new technologies meet a high flame retardancy rating. We can help ensure that your plastics meet these standards.

Specialty Compounding

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