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Custom Engineering Plastic Compounds

At Marval Industries, Inc., we offer our customers a full range of engineering thermoplastics. Compounding is the process of melt blending plastic with other special additives. Through the compounding process, thermal, electrical, physical, and aesthetic characteristics of plastic change. After materials go through this process, they are considered composite or compound. Compounded parts are built with specific elements that are designed to give final products individual characteristics.

The process begins with a polymer or a base resin. We work with many different resin systems so that we can provide our customers with unique characteristics that a desired for particular applications. Give one of our engineers a call, so that we can custom tailor solutions based on your application needs. Based on what you request, we incorporate additives, reinforcers, and fillers to achieve unique characteristics. For instance, we can make parts that are:

  • High-conductivity
  • Low-conductivity
  • Flame retardance
  • Wear resistance
  • Pre-coloring
  • Structure strengthens
  • Machine workability

Specialty Compounding

We work with all out clients based on product or application needs. Our teams know the science behind creating beautiful and practical compounded parts. Make us your first call if you need masterbatching, specialty compounding or engineering plastics compounding in NY.

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