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The Importance of Specialty Compounding and Flame Retardant Compounds

Flame retardant (FR) plastics are an essential part of most people’s daily life. Most people do not recognize the importance of fire retardation because they frequently see the materials in action, but all people are grateful this kind of plastic exists. Specialty compounding offers FR, which in turn provides people with a valuable tool in the quest for fire prevention.
Fire occurs when it has three essential elements. Take one away, and the fire dies. Under these circumstances, it wouldn’t even start. It needs:

  • Oxygen
  • Heat
  • Fuel
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Flame retardance works by moderating one or more of the above attributes. These qualities in a material can prevent fires, prevent the spread, and significantly reduce fire damage. There are four ways in which flame retardant compounds help to mitigate fire damage. These four include:

  1. Reduction in heat release
  2. Increasing plastic’s ignition resistance
  3. Reduction in fumes and smoke created
  4. Reduced speed of flames

Our talented team has the necessary skills and expertise to formulate compounds that meet FR specifications and regulations, as well as the performance criteria that your application demands. For more information, you should reach out for specialty compounding NY.
When using our services, we offer all clients:

  • Appropriate flammability specifications
  • Performance in end-use environments for chemical and temperature exposure
  • Resin systems have the exact physical properties at fair costs

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