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Common Terms used throughout the Industry

When looking for colored plastics, you will come across the term masterbatch. Simply put, masterbatch is a liquid additive that is added to plastic during the production process as a means to add color and unique characteristics. The process allows for raw polymers to be colored in an economical way.

When speaking with trained professionals about masterbatch, it is possible to hear words that are not common in the standard English. Knowing the definition of these words can help you have a complete conversation about your wants and needs.

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Some of the most common terms in the industry are:

Acidic: any material that has a pH less than 7.0 is considered acidic. The scale goes to 0, which is the high levels of acidity.

Antioxidants: A collection of additives that enable plastic to have excellent thermal protection. This is achieved during the oxidation process.

Antistatic Properties: Any material that can control build ups of static electricity are considered antistatic. The plastic can disperse electrostatic charges.

Cross-Linking: this is a process that is used to bond chains of polymeric. Ultimately, the process is designed to convert thermoplastics to thermo-set polymers.

The above list is just a tiny example of a much larger glossary.  Reaching out to a professional masterbatch company is your best for creating beautifully, colored masterbatch.

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