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What Can Specialty Compounding Offer My Business

Engineered plastic compounds offer many different benefits that allow manufacturers to create beautiful, practical, and long-lasting products. Unlike traditional plastic, specialty compounding specialty compounding plastic endows plastic with specialized and highly specific characteristics. Proper resins, modifiers, fillers, and reinforcing agents are chosen to meet performance demands. Before any color masterbatch or specialty compounding job begins, it is important to determine your applications' needs. The entire job depends on your exact needs.

Specialty Compounding NY

Below, we want to highlight some of the commonly implemented character traits used for specialty compounding and color masterbatch. These include:

Color/Aesthetic Options – meeting specific color needs is simple with color masterbatch. Color matching technology allows us to meet precise hues, lighting conditions, and textures.

EMI Shielding – In electronic devices, and other applications in high EMI environments, specialty compounding is used to protect electrical components.

Flame Retardant – Specialty compounding meets UL 94 and other flammability requirements. Non-halogen and halogen compounds are included in the production process. When increasing flame retardance, you often increase wear resistance and add structural reinforcement.

High-Temperature Performance – You do not want your plastic to melt while it is in use. Specialty compounding NY plastic can be used in temperatures reaching 300 ˚F.

Anti-Static – thermoplastics are built with various standards to heighten anti-static properties. Final parts can also protect against electrostatic discharge.

Specialty Compounding NY

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