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Is Specialty Compounding Customizable

During the plastic compounding process, raw and basic materials are combined with various additives to create specific characteristics, colors, and performance requirements. The best specialty compounding NY has creates plastic parts that can glow-in-the-dark, look like other materials, and are flame retardant. High temperatures are used to melt blending plastics with chosen additives. Once hardened, plastic parts have highly specific characteristics that differentiate them from other plastic pieces.

Specialty Compounding NY

Specialty compounding NY is highly customizable, which means that all projects begin with understanding the client's needs. For instance, when UV protection is a requirement because plastic will be used outdoors, specialty compounding is your best option. UV-protected plastic does not have its colors fade due to being placed directly in the sun.

Glow-in-the-dark is also another option that is common with specialty compounding and color masterbatching. Plastic engineers can alter the color of the glow and the intensity of the luminosity. Almost every aspect of the specialty compounding process is customizable to meet customer demands.

Specialty Compounding NY

Plastic is often cheaper to purchase and easier to manufacture than other materials. Color masterbatch and specialty compounding create plastic that looks like wood, stone, metal, and even marble. Using specialty compounding is a great way to keep manufacturing costs down while not cutting corners on aesthetics. Color masterbatching creates beautiful colors so that your plastic parts can be vibrant and eye-catching.

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