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Coloring Methods and Processes

At Marval, we specialize in creating colored plastics through different production methods. Each method that we employ is used as a means to create unique and specific parts and colors. Below, we will go over the most commonly used ways of coloring plastic.

We most commonly use masterbatches (masterbatching). This is the most widely used method by most molders. This production technique consists of concentrated pigments being dispersed throughout a polymer carrier resin. During production, the masterbatch is let down to the natural resins. A pre-defined ratio of the mixture is feed into a press where it acquires its final, desired color. This method of production is economical compared to its counterparts.

Pre-colored resins are easy to use compared to masterbatching. This production method is implemented by engineers because a colored resins’ pigment is almost wholly polymerized within the resin package used by molders.

Specialty Compounding

Specialty compounding allows us to add unique characteristics to our final products. Color enhancement and UV suppression are just two of the options available for specialty compounding. We can add abilities to plastic without compromising the physical properties of the material.

As plastic resin suppliers, we can help you determine the best coloring method for you and your business.

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