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Base Polymers Used by Plastic Compounding Suppliers

Specialty compounding is a manufacturing process that mixes creativity and science to create beautiful and practical plastic parts. We use modern technology to enhance base resins with reinforcements and additives. The end product is a unique material that meets strict aesthetic and performance criteria.

We use a wide range of different base polymers to meet the demands of our clients. Some of the most common base polymers we use include:

Polypropylene (PP): this polymer offers users a good balance of properties and low costs when compared to many other thermoplastics. The material is efficiently processed while maintaining strong chemical resistance.


  • Resists chemicals
  • Heat resistant
  • Lightweight


  • Weak impact resistance in cold temperatures
  • Difficult to paint and bond

Acetals (POM): this is a strong, rigid and creep resistant polymer. They boast low coefficients of friction. They are easily able to perform in high-temperature environments. Strong bases barely affect parts.


  • Creep and fatigue resistant
  • Solvent resistant
  • Highly Resilient


  • Anisotropic shrinkage
  • High specific gravity

Polycarbonate (PC): this material maintains excellent impact strength, good dimensional stability, and high heat resistance. It is known as one of the first thermoplastics to offer these characteristics.


  • Toughness
  • Creep resistant
  • Dimensional stability


  • Weak chemical resistance
  • Low fatigue endurance

For more information on the full line of materials we use for specialty compounding in New York, you should not hesitate to give us a call.



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