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Do Not Underestimate the Power of Color for Shoppers

Making a robust, reliable, and practical product is essential if you want to sell products. Unfortunately, most consumers are looking for more than just something that works well—people want things that look vibrant and beautiful. Many design considerations can be made when engineering plastic parts, but one of the most important things to consider is the colors you will choose to use. The psychology of colors is critical when it comes to marketing products. Many marketers agree that color can affect behavior and decision making.

Specialty Compounding

In many cases, color can be the sole reason some purchase a product over another, similar product. A recent study estimated that 93% of shoppers care about visual appearances and that 85% factor appearance into purchases. According to’s latest reports, only 1% decide purchases based on smell, and another 3% percent of people care about texture.

Using color masterbatching is an effective and inexpensive way to safely and securely color plastic parts. Our team of color engineers can match exact colors based on the needs of your business and marketing plan. Color is dispersed throughout the plastic, which means that even if their product is scratched or damaged the colors will remain the same.

Specialty Compounding NY

We also utilize specialty compounding, which allows us to add unique characteristics to colored plastics. For instance, if your plastic product is being used outdoors, it will be subject to UV radiation from the sun. UV rays tend to distort and change the colors of products. A shirt will turn lighter in color the more it is exposed to the sun. Specialty compounding can ensure that UV rays do not affect the color of your products. We are known for specialty compounding NY.

Do not underestimate how much people care about beautifully colored plastic parts and products. For more information on masterbatching, please give our team of highly-trained engineers a call.

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