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Using Colors to Communicate a Message

Plastic masterbatch is a mixture that includes one more compounding ingredient. When deciding what colors to use in your color masterbatch, it’s important to recognize what message you are trying to convey. The different colors used in the masterbatch will send various messages.

Psychologists have studied the emotions of colors extensively. Different colors can produce different moods in a person. This is particularly important for marketers who are trying to sell a product. They want to ensure that the color in their branding will convey the emotion they want out of their consumers.

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A light orange represents clarity and warmth while a darker orange evokes cheerfulness and confidence. A bold red represents excitement and a gray color can work to calm a person. Psychologists have determined that yellow is the happiest color in the color spectrum.

The color that a company uses to brand their product is extremely important. A consumer's perception of a company can depend solely on the color used in advertising and packaging. Brown is a particularly versatile color that can represent several different emotions. Sometimes it can represent ruggedness while other times it can create a warm feeling. At times brown can stir an appetite in consumers as seen in the branding for chocolate companies.

Color preferences can also vary depending on gender. You may want to consider whether you are trying to get your message across to men or women. Determining this will help you decide which colors you would like to use in your message.

Men prefer bright colors while women are more drawn to softer colors. Some men’s favorite colors are blue and green. Women are also drawn to blue and green but prefer purple and red as well. The least favorite of men is brown and women are least drawn to orange.

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