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How can Specialty Compounding NY Help Your Business

The plastics industry often utilizes compounding as the main process of blending and mixing base polymers with additives. This manufacturing process aims to manufacture a polymer blend that is endowed with a specific set of characteristics. In most cases, compounding is achieved via extrusion. The process works by taking the base polymer and the needed additives, mixing them, and then feeding them through an extruder. Once finished, you are left with pellets used in different plastic forming processes (i.e., injection molding).

Specialty Compounding NY

Specialty compounding is a unique type of compounding that gives the plastic a highly customized set of characteristics. Specialty compounding changes:

  • Thermal characteristics
  • Physical characteristics
  • Aesthetic characteristics
  • Electrical characteristics

Traditional compounding is great if you need to achieve well-made products, whereas specialty compounding helps engineers meet rigorous regulations and for plastic to stand out from the competition. When it comes to specialty compounding, the customization possibilities are almost endless. For more information on creating highly customized plastic, you should reach out for the best specialty compounding NY has to offer.

Specialty compounding gives plastic, various properties, which include:


Products used in the medical field need to meet the highest standards of cleanliness. Medical devices need to resist bacteria, mold, and other harmful contaminants.

Odor Control

Specialty compounding NY can change the smell of a final plastic part. Specialized additives are used to produce a pleasing aroma.

Color Enhancement

Do you need a specific color to stand out or to meet requirements or meet branding needs? Specialty compounding also changes plastic's physical appearance, which means that plastic can look like other materials (wood, metal, and marble).

For more information on color masterbatch or specialty compounding in NY, you should make Marval Industries your first call.

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