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The Many Benefits of Thermoplastic Compounding

Specialty Compounding

Thermoplastic compounds are polymers that are designed by manufacturers that blend different additives and colors during the plastic production process. Additives respond differently in various materials, which means that when the plastic sets, it will take on different characteristics. Specialty compounding plastic allows manufacturers to endow parts with specific colors and characteristics.

Common specialty compounding traits include:

  • UV protection: for plastic that is primarily used outside, having added UV protection means that colors will not fade. Plastic with UV protection will last substantially longer than plastic without it.
  • Glow-in-the-dark: some plastic needs to glow for safety reasons. Adding illumination to plastic makes it ideal for use at night or in dark places.
  • Material enhancement: specialty compounding can make plastic look like a wide array of materials, including metal, wood, and stone.

Because of all the benefits compounding offers. It is commonly used in many industries.

Automotive makers commonly use compounding to build parts of their cars. Manufacturers add color resistance, impact resistance, and warping resistance to their plastics to make their vehicles better.

Builders also utilize specialty compounding. Everyday plastic products used include pipes, window profiles, siding, decks, and fencing. Each usage requires different compounds to perform optimally. UV resistance is common for home builders.

Consumer products also benefit from specialty compounding. Color enhancing and scratch resistance are two of the many compounds used in consumer products.

Specialty Compounding

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