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Creating Custom Specialty Compounding

The compounding process consists of blending plastics with a mixture of additives to create customized thermoplastics that each have specific characteristics. Additives, depending on the type and amount, alters the thermal physical, aesthetic, and electrical characteristics of thermoplastics. If you are looking for one of the best ways to create unique final products, consider using specialty compounding (masterbatching) as a manufacturing process.

Specialty Compounding

The first step in the process is to choose materials that will be used. There is a wide array of polymers to choose from. Each choice has its profile, meaning that each material is suited to specific applications and environments. The best specialty compounding New York has will help you make necessary considerations.

After choosing the correct pairing of additives and polymers, they get introduced into a mixing blender (at specific parameters), and then it is finally fed through a twin-screw extruder. In the machine, two large screws are heated to melt and mix the components while they pass through the extruder. The machine produces individual strands that are similar in diameter to yarn. The material must cool before finally, the strands are cut into pellets (ready for injection molding or other related manufacturing processes).

Although specialty compounding and color masterbatch make a wide array of different products for various industries, there are several common characteristics. These include:

  • Adding glow-in-the-dark properties
  • Enhancing colors
  • Adding aesthetic finishes
  • Boosting wear resistance
  • Adding UV resistance
  • Stiffening final materials
  • Improving flame resistance
  • Decreasing or increasing conductivity

Specialty Compounding

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