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Additive Masterbatch Options

Pre-color resin and masterbatch are both different. Knowing the differences between the two can help individuals to get the most out of their manufacturing processes. A masterbatch is considered a pre-dispersed, concentrated color that is created with natural polymers during molding. On the other hand, with pre-color resins, the polymer is compounded with the correct amount of color. It is delivered ready to use, which eliminates dispersion and metering problems. Masterbatch offers users economic advantages that are directly associated with resin purchasing and color obsolescence. Because masterbatches are shipped not fully compounded, most of the polymer that is used does not create additional heat history, which protects the plastic from deteriorating as a result of high temperatures.

Specialty Compounding

There are many reasons why individuals choose masterbatch as their preferred plastic coloring method. We provide specialty compounding in NY. Engineers want our product because:

It incorporates additives. The addition of additives to masterbatch is not complicated because of pellet-to-pellet blending. In some cases, additional extruders are used to further simplify the process. The manufacturing process does not require specialized dosing equipment that is expensive to purchase and run. Typically, dosing equipment is used when working with small amounts of powder.

When masterbatch is not used, and the final addition rate required is 0.25%, the additive for 100lbs produced will be 0.25lbs. When masterbatch is used in a 10% concentration for the same final addition rate required, additive for 100lbs produced will be closer to 2.5lbs.

Specialty Compounding

If you have any more questions about masterbatch or specialty compounding, you should not hesitate to give our team a call. We are proud to call ourselves plastic compounding suppliers.


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