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Markets that Use Plastic Compounding

Plastic compounding is used in a wide range of markets because of its ease of use during manufacturing. Our skilled team offers masterbatching to customers on an individual basis. Plastic parts are made with formulated, ready to use compounds. Below, we will be going over a few basic examples of plastic compounding requirements for different markets.

specialty compounding

The automotive market uses plastic compounding for both interior and exterior parts. Compounding allows for manufacturers to enhance color, impact resistance, UV protection, and resistance to wrapping.

Compounding adds weather protection to plastic, which makes them ideal for building and construction. Builders opt for masterbatching plastic of traditional materials like wood. It is common to use specialty compounding for window profiles, piping, and fencing.

Consumers benefit from compounding when using consumer goods (including items approved for food safety).

The healthcare industry relies on plastics to make sterile and safe medical tools, surgical devices, and tubing. All medical tools and devices must strictly comply with government regulations, and so many manufacturers turn to plastic compounding companies.

Specialty Compounding

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