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Specialty Compounding, Color Compounding Testimonials

About two years ago, our company that has been in business for over three decades was really struggling. We make a wide variety of vibrantly colored plastic-based products right here in the U.S., and competition from overseas was killing us. We had a major problem with the cost of our masterbatch contracting, and we werent doing much better when it came to engineering plastics compounding. First our masterbatch quality always varied from one order to the next. Our contractor couldnt get the color compounding result we needed, so we settled for second best. That had been a serious mistake because our brand lost a lot of its shine and our bottom line suffered greatly. Our masterbatch results were low quality and super high priced. Then you guys came along and the opposite of all that is above is now true. Thanks for everything!

Specialty Compounding

Ive been the plant manager at our company factory for close to thirty-five years, which means Ive seen my share of plastics engineering compounding contractors come and go. When I reported a problem to the suits upstairs in the corner offices, theyd simply tell me to handle it when we had a color compounding problem. Well, handle it I would by giving yet another contractor the boot. Same thing with our plastics engineering compounding dont let the door hit you in the butt on your way out. As you know, weve been using your companys top quality color compounding for over five years now, and we have yet to experience a single problem. Guess this thank you note might be a little overdue, but better late than never they say, and Id just like to say Thank You to all the guys and gals at your great company!

I dont know if your company gets a lot of thank you phone calls or letters or whatever, and this is the first time Ive ever written one, but I did want to say well done for all your companys help. When we first met your color compounding, sales rep, we knew we were talking to a real pro. Theres all these still wet behind the ears kids doing color compounding work these days, and their results leave much (experience) to be desired. Engineering plastics compounding, and related services are not for amateurs who want to do on the job training on our products. When your sales rep sold us on your color compounding and other services, well, that was our lucky day. Your engineering plastics compounding truly are second to none, and I just want to say thanks and keep up the good work!

As the CFO at our company (you know us well), I dont usually take the time to write a personal thank you note to any company. On the other hand, your color compounding company really isnt just any company; its the company that rescued our drowning bottom line. I dont sign factory floor paychecks personally, but when it comes to money, everythings my responsibility in the end. The money youve saved us on our plastics compounding alone was a huge help, but when you add up the masterbatch savings, we finally have a jet black bottom line. I can honestly say I sleep better at nights because I know our company is getting the very best color compounding for a cost thats far less than wed pay elsewhere. Talk about a win-win for a CFO, your company is it!

Specialty Compounding

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