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How to make Money with Color

When creating a product, it is important to think about its function. Is it something that people will want and need? If you can say yes, you are on the right path for making your business successful. This is, however, only half the battle. If you spend too much time thinking about functionality, without paying mind to design and branding, you do not have the right focus. To create a product that will really sell, you need to make the product and package look good. This also counts for the marketing campaigns (whether in print, TV, or Internet). Colors play an amazingly important role in drawing people in. Colors have the ability to speak to people's emotions, which can help to make your product seem more needed and relevant in a person's life. There are a few specific colors that can help to make your product recognizable.

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Red is a color that commands power. Products and packaging that is mostly red lets customers know that your product is strong and durable.

Blue is a color that is associated with trust and trustworthy products. If you want to be a company who is known to stand behind their product than this might be the color for you.

Green is a color that many people are drawn too. A good deal of the population of the United States wants to live a healthy life, while using products that don't harm the earth. Green is associated with health and environmental friendliness. If you want your company to be known for its eco-benefits then strongly consider the color green.

You must make sure to mix colors, and to make sure your products, packaging, and marketing plans are colorful. Pick one color as a dominant color, but make sure to mix and match colors within a single color scheme. Too much of one color can be boring and uninteresting. At the same time, too colorful can have negative effects. You must find a happy medium between too plain and too colorful.

It is important to note that the colors of your product should match the marketing campaign(s), or visa versa. You want to create unity between your product and your brand. Keeping within the same color scheme, and even using the same colors, can help a customer remember your business and product.

Do not underestimate the importance of picking color schemes wisely, as well as sticking with a specific color scheme. Understand that these color are part of your company and brand. Do not enter into this haphazardly, because picking, and sticking with, the right colors can help increase business and name recognition. Color compounding allows for plastics to have vibrant colors. Picking the right colors will help increase your overall business.

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