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What can Specialty Compounding do for Plastic?

Specialty compounding, also known as masterbatch, is the process of blending and mixing base polymers and additives to create s specific set of properties. In most cases, compounding works with the help of extrusion. Screws within the extruder help to melt and mix the polymer blend. Once it exists, the product is commonly referred to as a compound. These compounds have unique characteristics, which means that they are not like ordinary plastic. Depending on the user's needs, specialty compounding is custom designed. With the best specialty compounding NY, you can have plastic created to meet your exact business needs.

Specialty Compounding NY

What are some of the enhanced properties of specialty compounding?

Color matching: Customized coloring can be applied during the creation process so that your plastic looks like you want it. Whether that is bright and vibrant colors or a deep black, we can customize your plastic to fit your needs.

Anti-static and low-conductivity properties: If you need to minimize the potential for a static shock, you should consider this type of specialty compounding. In some instances, plastic can be constructed to prevent static electricity.

Flame prevention: depending on your needs, plastic can be made to prevent, slow, and delay combustion. Electrical engineers commonly rely on this type of plastic when designing electronics.

Sterilization: Medical products need to meet a high standard of cleanliness. Plastic can be designed to be anti-microbial, which means that bacteria are less likely to live on the surface of the plastic.

Specialty Compounding NY

There are so many other ways that specialty compounding can benefit you and your business. For more information, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

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