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Specialty Compounding and Retardant Additives

Thermoplastics are highly flammable, so they will burn easily when reaching a high enough temperature. The hydrocarbons in plastic will combust, because of a pyrolyzed long-chain structure changing into other free radicals (hydrocarbons, hydrogen, and hydroxyl). This results in excess oxygen to help fuel the fire. Specialty compounding can help lessen damage from fires.

Color Compounding

We can help with flame retardant additives that will greatly reduce the spreading of flames and suppressing smoke. Our specialty compounding can also increase plastic’s resistance to ignition. We add retardants to polyamides, polyolefins, polycarbonate, polyester, and other polymers. The goal of this additive is not to necessarily stop a fire, but instead it is designed to delay ignition and burning. This delay gives people extra time to escape fire affected areas.

Flame retardant plastic is used in both home and commercial industries. In fact, many individuals encounter this type of plastic daily. It is found in:

  • Home appliances
  • Vehicles and mass transportation
  • Constriction (homes and office building)
  • Consumer and business electronics

Specialty Compounding

Let our team of engineers help you create beautiful plastics that have added benefits inside it. For more information about color masterbatch or specialty compounding NY, reach out to us today.

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