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Why do Companies Use Color Masterbatching?

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There are many clear benefits to using color masterbatch and specialty compounding. Most individuals don't know about these manufacturing processes and how vital they are for a good portion of the plastic they use every day. What are the top reasons you should implement color master batching and specialty compounding into your manufacturing process?

  1. Aesthetics are important. Of course, product functionality is the most important aspect of any piece of equipment or tool, but shoppers often are willing to spend more to get a product that not only works well but looks good. For many, the colors are attached to their appreciation of the product and their willingness to use it. Notice how even power tools and lawn equipment are colored bright fun vibrant colors like green, yellow, blue, and red. This aesthetic beauty and branding would not be possible without color master batching and specialty compounding. If you care about how your products look and how they perform, you should make sure to reach out to plastic resin suppliers.
  2. It's one thing for products to look good when you first get them. If gear starts to fade and discolor within a short time, people tend to get upset and start looking for new gear. Plastic resin suppliers add specialty compounding that allows special characteristics to the plastic. One of the most common is color stabilizers, which means that colors can last longer than plastic that does not have these additives. Another common additive is UV protection for gear that is often used outside.
  3. Plastic resin suppliers offer the ability to color plastic affordably and easily. Typically, masterbatching is seen as a hassle-free process compared to other coloring methods because of how plastic resin is shipped and used; it is easier to use color masterbatch.

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