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Plastic Resin Suppliers and Flame Retardant Compounds

When controlled, fire can be beautiful and comforting, but it can do great harm when left unattended. There are many things people do to keep safe, but unfortunately, accidents happen. In a worst-case scenario, you need to have the proper tools at your disposal. All homes, offices, restaurants, and warehouses should have enough fire extinguishers easily accessible. These places also need an ample amount of properly working smoke alarms. Beyond this, individuals can actively purchase and use products that have flame retardance.

Plastic resin suppliers provide the ability to protect against and prevent fire from starting and spreading.  FR plastics (flame retardant) are essential components for constructing devices we use every day. You can find these plastics used in the:

  • Medical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Personal Electronics Industry
  • Home Appliance Industry
  • Construction Industry

A fire can only start when it has access to three basic elements: oxygen, fuel, heat. FR plastics use chemical reactions to address one or more of the three basic elements. Flame retardant plastic mitigates the dangers of a fire in four ways, which include:

  • Reduction of Fume and Smoke Generation
  • Slowing the Release of Heat
  • Reduction in the Speed of Flames Spreading
  • Increasing the ignition resistance of plastic.

The best specialty compounding NY offers formulates compounds that meet specifications, regulations, and safety requirements.
It is important to keep in mind that FR capabilities can be combined with other property enhancements (wear resistance, conductivity, structural reinforcement, and more). Reach out to experts today to find out about the possibilities for your next project.

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