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How do Color Concentrates Work?

More and more, it is essential to put out goods that not only work but look good as well. For instance, think about how car interiors have changed over the last few decades. Traditionally, you’d expect grey, black, or a tan interior. They are dull colors that do not pop or catch the eye. Because of color concentrates, manufacturers can create eye-catching colors that make vehicles unique and attractive to drivers.

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What are color concentrates, and how do they work?

Masterbatch (color concentrates for plastic) are typically sold as pre-colored resin pellets. These pellets are then mixed with commodity resins (polyethylene, polypropylene) to meet exact color requirements. In most cases, colorant makes up 15 to 50% of each pellet. The rest of the mixture is the carrier resin that is chosen depending on the polymer used during masterbatch. Introducing additives and colorants separately costs more and takes more time than simple masterbatches.

Typically concentrates get integrated at 2:5 Lbs per 100 Lbs of the base resin. In the end, carrier resins amount to 1 to 3% of the total polymer composition. Therefore, masterbatch is compatible with base resins.  For further advice on the best specialty compounding NY has, you should not hesitate to give our talented team a call.

Plastic compounding suppliers use color concentrates when bright, vibrant colors are needed. Plastic compounding heightens the look of the packaging and the construction of goods.  It is estimated that the color concentrate industry is growing annually at a rate of 6%, which is mostly driven by increased thoughts about esthetics.

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Join the growing trend of designers and manufacturers that are not only thinking about how things work but also how they look.

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