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Specialty & Color Compounding

Specialty and color compounding is not a simple science or process. To get color that has clarity and pops requires knowledge, tools, and materials: The perfect masterbatch calls for professionals.

This leads me to my next questions, how does one come to pick a place for color compounding. First, please don’t think that all places are the same. Different companies have different engineers, customer reps, machines, materials, experiences, and more. If you pick a company who can’t handle the job you need then you will end up wasting time and money, and if you rely on the product to make money it could really hurt you. How do people fall victim to these poor color compounders?

A lot of times, when a company leads with their deals or sales, they are hiding something. If you find an advert that seems way to good to be true then you need to question the validity of the ad or the products you might get. Money is not the thing to look for. A great deal might give you bad products that you don’t want to sell, and then you are back at square one.

You want to look for a company who boasts about the awards they have won in the field, the machines they have/use, the materials they have/use, the engineers they employee, the capacity of work they can put out and more. In essences what I am saying is that a color compounding company should lead with their work, people, and machines, and that price should follow.

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Specialty Compounding

Look at samples and see what incredible specialty compounding you can get for yourself. Learn about all the great things the company has done and is going. Getting this is easy and affordable.

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  • Specialty Compounding


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