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Custom Color Masterbatching

Most people do not know that masterbatch has become an integral part of everyday life. Many plastic products that we use every day get colored from masterbatching. This process of coloring is frequently used because it works exceedingly well when processing materials. Creating color with fluids, powders, or pastes cannot guarantee optimum process stability. Choosing masterbatch is an efficient and economical way to add vibrant color to plastic products or parts.

Color Compounding

The benefits this process offers are extensive:

  1. Masterbatching colors the polymer, which helps to save on manufacturing costs
  2. Of all the color processing methods available to manufactures, masterbatching is amongst the easiest to use
  3. The process reduces waste, which is good for the environment
  4. Production time is quickened because there is no need for trial and error
  5. Unique colors are easily matched

Another added benefit of masterbatch is its ability to enhance the characteristics of plastic. Additive masterbatch, which is also referred to as specialty compounding, changes the chemical structure of the plastic so that it can have unique features. We can add UV protection, Glow-in-the-Dark, and Anti-Static properties. Ask us more about our specialty compounding abilities. If you do not find what you need on our site, please write or call to get more information.

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