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What the Color Red Represents

Each color does more than just look beautiful. Instead, each colors has an attached connotation and feeling. From the way the colors look, it is possible for objects to speak to an individual. A color can make a person think, feel and act. Considering that each color has meaning embedded in it, it is important understand these different meanings when creating products and packaging. Picking the right color schemes for your products and packaging can help give a user a deeper connect to the item/products. Think hard about what the product says, as well as what you want your company to say.

The rest of this article will discuss the color red and its significance and implications. Simply put, red is a color of action, passion, and energy. It can be a warm color that is associated with strength and energy. The color is neither masculine nor feminine, so it can show strength for both genders. People also claim the color is energetic and shows life. Red is a powerful color that speaks to those who are active.

Besides strength and energy, red is also the color of love and lust. This is the reason you see so much pink and red during valentine’s days. Red roses are common gift for lovers because the red in the rose signifies love and care.
Restaurants and food manufacturers also like the color red because scientists claim that the color red helps to stimulate appetite. For the seller, the increased cravings will translate to more food sales. Restaurants will use red in their sign, menu, and for decor. Food packaging companies will use red to color and highlight their food products.

Just as red has its positive connotations, it has some bad ones as well. There are some words and feelings that are connected with red that make it seem like not such a great color. This list of words includes obstinate, violent, murder, angry, and aggressive. In order to prevent these feelings, it is important to not over use the color red, and to mix the color with other positive colors and images. By over using red, you tend to fall into the negative connotation of the color.

When creating products and packaging, it is important to think about the meanings behind colors rather than simply picking colors that look pretty. By understanding the psychology behind colors allows for color compounding to make amazing products and packages.

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