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What Industries Benefit from Plastic Resin Suppliers?

Plastic resin suppliers are responsible for helping create many of the entertainment and essential products we use daily. Without masterbatching and specialty compounding, plastic products would not be as reliable, aesthetically pleasing, or affordable.

The goal of the best specialty compounding NY has to offer is to solve unique and complex design challenges for customers in a wide range of different markets. In-depth knowledge of plastics and high-tech hardware/software allows plastic resin suppliers to provide manufacturers with the best possible plastic for specific applications.  

Specialty compounding adds unique performance characteristics to plastic. The process of specialty compounding allows plastic resin suppliers to customize how plastic looks and performs. These industries use masterbatch and specialty compounding:

Automotive – a normal driver does not notice all the plastic parts in their car, but the parts list is extensive. Some engineered thermoplastic solutions include:

  • Gas Caps
  • Latches/Handles
  • Airbag Retainers
  • Sunroof Housing
  • Sensor Housing for Emission and Drivetrain
  • Pedal Box Housings/Brackets

Electronics – as technology continues to advance, engineers are presented with everchanging problems. Specialty compounding NY is used to solve many of these contemporary design issues. Plastic can be made to be UV-resistant, conductive, colorful, and lightweight. All these qualities benefit engineers designing electronics.

Healthcare Tool/Medical Devices – in the medical field, products need to meet the highest standards. If they do not, they could harm or kill people.  Specialty compounding makes plastic that is antimicrobial and bacteria resistant. Regardless of the need, specialty compounding can solve most problems.

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