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Weighting Masterbatch Options

Commonly, masterbatch is available to users as either liquid or as pellets. It is composed of concentrated mixtures of dyes, pigments, and even color additives. In many cases, masterbatch is used instead of fully compounded materials, such as pre-colors. In some instances, masterbatch can be more expensive as a result of higher volume minimums, but for many the cost is worth the other benefits. Pre-colors are subject to the threat of obsolescence, but masterbatch will mitigate that problem.

Specialty Compounding

If you have decided that masterbatch is right for your specific applications, you then must question whether liquid or pellet is the better option for you. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. Below, we will go over the benefits of both types.

Advantages of liquid masterbatch include:

  • Highly effective at extremely low levels
  • Strong performer on long production runs
  • Lower upfront costs
  • Computer-controlled pump that offers consistent delivery

Challenges for liquid masterbatch are:

  • When high levels are required, it is possible to experience screw slippage
  • Housekeeping problems create challenges because there is a constant threat of equipment malfunctions (hoses and tube sets)

Advantages of pellets form include:

  • Reduced housekeeping
  • Zero waste
  • Quick changeovers
  • No hidden costs for hoses or tubes sets

Specialty Compounding

If you have more questions about different masterbatch types and specialty compounding, our engineers will have all the answers. We offer the best specialty compounding NY has. We work with all our customers to come up with custom solutions based on color needs, cost, and unique characteristics.

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