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Three Types of Flame Retardant Polymers

Being able to use flame retardant polymers is an important aspect of the manufacturing industry. Flame resistant characteristics are especially important for those working in the electronics industry. More and more gadgets are getting wires and chips put in them, which means that these products can be susceptible to overheating and fire. Using specialty compounding is a great way to minimize dangers without sacrificing quality or performance. Although different types of flame retardant polymers exist, they all serve the same function, which is to prevent the forming and spreading of fire.

Color Compounding

Three types of flame retardant polymers exist. These include:

  1. Intumescent Chemistries Flame Retardant: this process is based off charring. Materials are decomposed during an endothermic process, which allows for char to separate fire and further material burns.
  2. Halogenated Flame Retardant: this process is based on bromine. These polymers will deconstruct quickly, and then bromine can be released. Bromine can cut off oxygen supplies to the fire.
  3. Non-halogenated Flame Retardant: As these polymers decompose, the material will generate water. This will cool items and quench fires.

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