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The Power of Green

The color of a product and its packaging is almost as important as the function and feel of the product. A company that understands this and tries to make adjustments to products will be the companies that thrive in saturated industries. When a product is one of a few, a customer will go with a product that looks better. Rather than simply using vibrant colors that pop, you will want to consider the underlying significance of what different colors mean. Psychology suggests that different colors invoke different emotions in people, and trying to market to those emotions can help a product's sales. Green is a color that has been growing in popularity over the last few years.

Specialty Compounding

Traditionally, green has had an association with greed and envy, but as more and more people become concerned about the conservation of the Earth the color has taken on new meaning. Simply put, green is now associated with growth, vitality, and new life. Some psychologist even suggests that green is connected with harmony (mind, body, and spirit).

The reason the color green has been picked up by environmental movements is because of its appearance in nature. Outside of a desert or frozen tundra, green is present, in some shade or another, everywhere we go. Even city streets are lined with green trees. Images of verdant green fields are consistent between different countries and cultures.

As a result of being attached to environmentalism, is speaks to a certain type of person who cares about the Earth and other people. People who are able to display kindness, generosity, and sympathy are attracted to this color. Using the right shade of green attracts a certain type of person because the green suggests the product is Eco-friendly and that the companies cares about the Earth.

Specialty Compounding

There is a lot of good that green represents; however, this of course comes with negative effects as well.  As mentioned before, green has been associated with greed and envy, and can still have that implication if used to excessively or an improper shade. Darker shades of green, like forest green, relate more to wealth and money than lighter greens. It is important to use vibrant shades of green, so that the greens mix well with other matching colors. This will really make the product and packaging stand out.

Color compounding allows for products to be made with beautiful colors. Create something special that also says something about your company/business.


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