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The Art of Getting the Right Color

Many people appreciate beautifully colored, plastic products, but most do not know the disciplined science and art that is required to make the products. Colored plastic is taken for granted in modern times, but by no means is coloring plastic an easy process. Professional color compounding companies are responsible for helping other businesses create beautifully colored products.

Specialty Compounding

The first decision a color compounding company must makes is whether to use inorganic pigments, dyes, or organic pigments. Dyes disperse in polymers, and so this makes it easier for dyes to create bright and clear colors. Pigments are solid and allow for a much deeper saturation of color. This gives products color throughout.

After deciding on a dye or pigments, a company will now consider the resin type. Different resins include crystalline, amorphous, and copolymers. A resin dictates how a dye will stay in the polymer, and each resin has a different effect.

Next, a company will think about processing. It is possible for a colorant to affect physical properties of plastic. A company will consider thermal stability, processing temperature, and rheological effects.

Trusting color compounding companies to help color plastic will ensure all finished products are strong, reliable, and beautifully colored.

Specialty Compounding

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