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Plastic Compounding Applications and Markets

Whether you know it or not, we are surrounded by specialty compounding. Plastic makes up a large part of our world, and a portion of those parts are made with masterbatching or specialty compounding. There are so many industries that benefit from this manufacturing process. Call our team for more information on specialty compounding in NY. Some of the most common market and applications of our services include:

Specialty Compounding

Manufacturing and packaged goods industry- in the modern world, companies must care about more than just what their product does. People want colorful and reliable products and packaging, and that is made possible through plastic compounding. We can help make bright, secure, and reliable packaging, and we can also help add UV protection to plastic parts for better functionality outdoors.

Construction industry- more than ever, people want durable, long-lasting, and beautiful polymeric building materials for their home. Our specialized polymer additives are designed to be used in building and construction. Final parts include siding, decks, railings, and patio furniture.

Transportation and automotive industry- many parts of a car are constructed with plastic because it is durable, UV protected, and cost-effective. Masterbatches parts can be found both inside and outside of the vehicle. Specialty compounding offers manufactures exact color matching, which helps in the designing of cars, vans, and trucks. Typical parts include side-view mirrors, interior trim, seat upholstery, and running boards.

It is easy to find plastic compounding in these industries as well:

  • Solar/renewable energy
  • Recreational
  • Healthcare
  • Clothing and accessories


Specialty Compounding

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