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Special Effects and Plastic

The isles of consumer stores are littered with plastic display ands products. These plastic items are usually brightly colored in order to make the item standout. In order to create merchandise that stands out in this sea of color, it is important to consider all your coloring options.

When using masterbatching to create plastic, it is possible create finishes that make plastic look like other materials. It is also possible to create colored plastics that have special effects built into the color. These options can help to make plastic products that are unique and stand out.

Plastic can be made to look like stone, granite, wood, metal, and marble.

Colored plastic can be made with different levels of transparency, which can be determined by the creator.

Plastic can be made to glow in the dark. This comes in two types: daylight and after-glow.

Camouflage prints in different colored patterns can easily be created on plastic.

Colored plastic can have glitter or sparkles added to any color, which will help a plastic product to shimmer and shine.

The options above are just a few of the many possibilities when it comes to making plastic look special and unique. For more information, reach out to a color masterbatch company.

Color Compounding


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