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What Are Thermoplastic Polymers?
Specialty & Color Compounding
Finding Plastic Resin Suppliers and Knowing Your Resins
What A Little Color Could Do For You And Your Business
More Competitors? Our Products are made in The USA!
Colored Plastic Can Make a Product Special
How is Plastic Resin Made?
What is Masterbatch?
Understanding Pigments
What our customers say? Masterbatches Testimonials
What our customers say? Color Compounding Testimonials
Different Methods for Coloring Plastics
Going with Masterbatch
Making Color Concentrates Work for You
Using Color Concentrates
Making your Product Standout
Different Methods for Coloring Plastic
Types of Synthetic Resins
What is Plastic Resin?
Biodegradable Plastic
Inorganic and Organic Pigments/Dyes
Creating Colored Plastics is Harder than it looks
How to Position Your Cosmetic Company for Success
Traditional Methods of Color Compounding
The Difference Between Small and Large Volume Production
Branding Products with Color
Color Schemes to Help Color Coordination
How to make Money with Color
The Power of Green
What the Color Red Represents
Colors and Marketing
The Art of Getting the Right Color
Most Common Plastics
Creating a Unisex Color Palette
Innovative Coloring through Masterbatch
Black and White Masterbatch
Special Effects and Plastic
Additive Masterbatch Options
Transparent Color Masterbatch
Coloring Options
Additive Masterbatch
Using Colors to Communicate a Message
Antistatic Additives: FAQ
Colors That Standout
Common Terms used throughout the Industry
Common Masterbatching
Creating a Message with Color
Colors and Meaning
Choosing a Coloring Process
Common Masterbatching Questions
What is Plastic Compounding?
Specialty Compounding for your Company
Colors and the Psychology of Buying
Color Compounding and Pigmented Color
Protecting Devices from Fire
Enhancing the Overall Quality of a Plastic
Using Optical Brighteners
Reasons to use Additive Color Masterbatch
Learning the Common Terms used when Discussing Masterbatching
Reasons to use Masterbatching
Advantages and limitations of Specialty Compounds
Masterbatch Products
Using Plastic Resins
Characteristics of Specialty Compounding
Common Questions
Understanding Specialty Compounding
Questions we Frequently Hear
Coloring Methods and Processes
Reasons to Consider Masterbatching
Creating Glow in the Dark Products
How do Flame Retardant Additives Work?
Using the Color Orange
Custom Engineering Plastic Compounds
Important Facts about Color Compounding
The Power of blue
Light Stabilizers and Compounding NY
Benefits of Using Antimicrobial Compounds
Creating Custom Colors for Plastic Parts
Custom Color Masterbatching
Masterbatch or Pellets?
Three Types of Flame Retardant Polymers
Choosing Masterbatching and Specialty Compounding
Three Types of Light Stabilizers for Specialty Compounding
Choosing Masterbatching and Specialty Compounding
Minimizing Abrasions on Plastic Products and Parts
Why do so many use Masterbatching?
Coloring Methods
Markets that Use Plastic Compounding
Solutions with Specialty Compounding
Custom Coloring Solutions
Masterbatch and the Plastics Industry
Improving Fire Protection
Understanding Polymer Additives
Five Reasons Designers Use Masterbatching
Masterbatch is a Growing Industry
Five Reasons Designers Use Masterbatching
Weighting Masterbatch Options
Do Not Underestimate the Power of Color for Shoppers
Additive Masterbatch for Medical Industry
Specialty Compounding and Masterbatch FAQ
Specialty Compounding and Antimicrobial Masterbatch Solutions
Flame Retardant Specialty Compounding
Specialty Compounding and Shifting Effects
Specialty Compounding Common Appearance Effects
Understanding Specialty Compounding and Functional Effect
Specialty Compounding Technologies We Offer
Types of Masterbatch
Specialty Compounding and Antimicrobial Solutions
The Importance of Specialty Compounding and Flame Retardant Compounds
Reasons to Consider Choosing Masterbatch
Plastic Compounding Applications and Markets
Should I Use Pre-colored Resins or Masterbatch?


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