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Reasons to use Masterbatching

Masterbatching is one of the best ways to add color and unique characteristics to plastics. The process is frequently used because it can offer technical benefits and cost savings. Particular advantages include:

  • Reduction of stock holding for compounded materials
  • Optimization of dispersion, which gives better performance and more stable colors
  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • Less health risks when compared to undispersed powdered pigments/additives
  • Elimination of trial and error work during color formulations as a result of easy adjustments of color. This is not the case when using powdered pigments mixtures
  • When compared to powdered pigments, masterbatching produces less waste and requires less cleaning
  • Quick turn around times. Masterbatching production guarantees continuity when creating colored plastic, which means there is no need to correct pigments or machines
  • Add unique specialty compounding to finalized products. Plastic can be made strong, more reflective, or with the ability to glow in the dark

Two types of masterbatching are used: universal and polymer particular. We can help you and your business determines the best ways to implement masterbatching based on individual needs.

Specialty Compounding

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