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Reasons to use Additive Color Masterbatch

Plastic manufacturers use additive masterbatch because it provides ideal colors, does not harm the finished products, and is cost effective. It is easy to find a wide array of everyday products that are made through masterbatching. Simply put, additive masterbatching is a method of coloring plastic that uses advanced concentrates.

The process utilizes different additives, like pigments, color dyes, and polymer carrier resins. The additives are then heated to allow all additives to combine. After, the product is cooled and extruded (into pellets or granules). The pellets are then mixed in with different colors and resins, which will create the final product.

Depending on what is being made, various additives and resins are added. For instance, different pellets and granules are mixed with varying polymers to create various characteristics in final products.

  • Heat stabilization
  • Anti-slip
  • Solar heat reflectors
  • Stiff/Strong plastics
  • Infrared protection

The process of additive masterbatching gives end products a higher thermal conductivity than polymer resins (PP and HDPE). High thermal conductivity allows for the plastic coloring process to be quick and accurate. Plastic compounding suppliers can give you all the necessary information so that you and your company can get the best color masterbatch available.



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