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Reasons to Consider Specialty Compounding and Masterbatching

How does one choose between raw pigments and masterbatching? We live in a world covered in polymeric products. Most individuals in the United States are likely to interact with colored plastics on a daily basis. Although pigments and masterbatch are similar, they are not synonymous with each other. Simply put, a pigment is a solid and dry coloring substance. It is suspended in liquids to make dyes, inks, and paints. Alternatively, masterbatch is more a complicated process that requires specific concentrations of additive and pigments to be encapsulated by a polymer.

  1. When choosing between the two, most synthetic and plastic fiber producers will pick masterbatching. This is because of all the benefits the process offers.
  2. It is easy to store masterbatch because it comes in pellet form. Powdered pigments are harder to move and manipulate.
  3. It is a more straightforward process to feed and handle concentrates throughout the masterbatch manufacturing process.
  4. Additives are added with masterbatch, so there is a smaller chance of variations during processing.
  5. It is easy to control the level of opacity and transparency of colored parts. It is much more complicated to do this with raw pigments.

Specialty Compounding

Above are just some of the benefits of using color masterbatch. For specialty compounding NY, please reach out to us today.

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